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We offer our partners a flexible array of pricing solutions. We work closely with many companies and negotiate paths forward that fit their advertising objectives. Since our services are new and because of the unique nature of our platform, which has yet to be fully realized, we are not ready to post our advertising rates for public view.

We can offer many of the industry standard charge models, such as CPM, CPC, and CPA. While our platform continues to mature in many areas, we welcome the opportunity to provide a  service consultation at your request.

The data we collect is associated and compared to create consumer-focused group types that showcase pattern selection preferences within areas that companies seek. Some of these focus areas include: fashion and apparel, furniture and appliances, entertainment, food and dining, consumer electronics, shopping, and household goods. Furthermore, our analysis digs deeper into genres, size, shape, style, color, taste, feature set, and even price comparison.

We offer fully detailed reports that make sense of your collected data. Your actionable results can be incredibly comprehensive and provide you with precision analytics to execute future consumer engagement on.