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Play a socially fun bracket challenge game, where you pick your favorite things and win them! Choose from endless categories that interest you for a chance to win the most popular, winning products and services from the brands you love!

Anything you ever loved

is everything you could possibly win.

What if you could pick any prize you desired in every sweepstakes game you entered? Now you can—all the time! Your choice of favorite is the prize you can win—in every tournament contest across every category we offer. You probably just figured out why we call it Bracketopia!

How to play

Pick any

Choose from endless categories to select your best in timed bracket events. Your picks help determine the popular favorites and enter you into the contest for a chance to win your chosen favorite.

Choose your favorites.

Within daily contests, you advance your favorites and decide which items move to the next round of comparison. Others, like you, are also picking their favorites, and the items with the most picks become the popular winner within each matchup.

the bracket.

Submit your personal favorites from each bracket to accumulate points against others for a chance to win. The items receiving the most picks, from users like you, decide the winning item in each contest.


Daily boredom may lead to winning great rewards.

The power of your social circle.

Friends come with great benefits. Your social connections are key to increasing your individual scoring potential across the tournaments you play, but they come at a small price once they're here.

So expand your social circle through the invites you can send to friends and family. With those you invite to play, connection is automatic when you provide a shared code. Requesting connection to existing players will require a BRP per invite. You can say it’s how we keep order and maintain some peace (reducing unsolicited invitations) among our often ambitious community.

Download & play.

Download & play.